Paddy To Food Grains
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Simplified Work Flow Driven Tracebility
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The System Is Capable and Scalable to Automate the Following Industries

Rice Mill



Sugar Mill


End-to-end business processes covered right from purchase, mfg to sales

State of the art cloud based work flow driven system with hierarchical approvals

Quality driven controlled purchase

Complete tracking of production by products like husk and rice bran

Supports seamless multi location mills/ warehouses

Yield analysis based on vendor, raw material and other parameters to ascertain the best profitability

Complete tracking of manufacturing consumables

Integrated financial accounting for complete peace of mind

Proactive information from vendors

User friendly software thus easy to adapt

User wise widgets and dashboard

Automated alerts and mis through email or sms

Business Process


  • Rubber roll.
  • Packaging material.


  • Following are the processes which are standard across items.
  • The software is scalable and flexible to allow skipping of certain processes, which are skipped to derive a particular variety of items.
  • This process is to define the batch size(quantity) , desired output( rice type ) and input ( paddy type). At any point of time only batch runs till its completion.
  • Next batch starts only once the current batch is fully accomplished.
  • Complete batch tracking is available at a click.

Inventory Management

  • Raw materials : paddy with its different types.
  • Materials which are in W.I.P.
  • Finished goods rice with their different variants.
  • All ancillary items like rubber roll and packaging material.
  • The system follows fifo as the valuation methodology/ principle.

Order Management

  • In this order type there is generally large quantity of a single item type. The pricing for bulk is also negotiated based on the quantity.
  • The software also provides for bulk pricing definitions based on slab/ client or a combination of both.
  • Provision for delivery in parts is built in the system with a widget showing pending to deliver.
  • The system provides for B2B orders having multiple line items but lesser quantity.
  • Loading and delivery planner is very well utilised in this scenario.

Local Sales, Exports

  • Retails sales.
  • B2B bulk sales.
  • Export sales.

Packing & Dispatch

Financial Accounting