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Unique Features of Synergics Jewellery ERP Solution

Easy To Use

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software is quite simple to use. The system's straightforward and user-friendly layout allows even non-technical users to operate it with ease.

On-demand Scalability

Synergics, being a cloud-based Jewellery wholesale ERP Software, provides on-demand scalability, letting you scale up or scale down resources as needed, minimizing resource waste

Subcontractor Manufacturing ( Job Work)

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software is dynamic to allow subcontractor wise process-wise standard labor payable , Wastage and loss percentage arrangement

Order Management

Synergics Software for Jewellery ecommerce software allows you to track both client and Job worker's orders. Users can make modifications where ever required as per the roles and rights assigned to him / her.

Single / Multiple office operation support

Synergics ERP for jewellery wholesale business software facilitates to the business growth. It can manage a single wholesale office as well as multiple wholesale offices without any hassles.

Material Requirement

Our robust and unique ERP for jewellery wholesale business software allows businesses to manage material requirements by estimating and sourcing the materials required to make the piece.

Inventroy Control & Management

The ERP for jewellery wholesale business system also enables Jewellery Wholesalers to manage raw material and finished items stock within the warehouse or office..

Item Repair Management

Not only does the Synergics Jewellery wholesale ERP Software system allow jewellery manufacture, but it also offers item tracking of repair orders and calculates labor/metal and any other material used for repairing.

Organized Catalogue

Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software system helps businesses showcase their creations by letting them add multiple photographs and videos of the product, boosting its saleability.

E - Commerce Connectivity

Synergics' exceptional Software for Jewellery ecommerce system also facilitates ecommerce integration allowing businesses to list, sell, and manage their products on ecommerce platforms.

RFID / Barcode Compatibility

Synergics, the best ERP for jewellery wholesale business in India, offers several functionalities, such as RFID tagging that allows you to get every product detail in a moment.

Build Your Own Report

The ERP for jewellery wholesale business system has a unique feature " Build Your Own Reports" which allows the user to create own business reports and assign rights to View / Edit / Delete / Email / Print rights

Schedued MIS Reporting

Our Jewellery wholesale ERP Software has comprehensive MIS reports that will let you assess the performance of your business and make timely decisions.

How Do Synergics Jewellery ERP Software Benefit Your Business?

Pricing Rules

Style Master BOM Creation

Order Management

Procurement Management

Barcoding / RFID Enablement

Jewellery Production / Repair Management

Multi location Management

Inventory Management

Financial Accounting / Controls

Customer Checks & Balances ( Metal & Currency)