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Caratlane Trading Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Jewellery E Commerce company having diamond jewellery manufacturing set up and Retail out lets across India.

Need for a Business

  • They were planning to have seamless integration of the mfg unit , Retail Stores & E Commerce business i.e. B2 C Website.
  • They have tried many software solutions in the past to integrate the whole business cycle right from manufacturing to Sales and E Commerce integration but did not materialized for them.


  • Using Multiple systems fetching various data.
  • Data was duplicate & In accurate in nature.
  • Customer creation is duplicated and hence turn around time is huge.
  • Maintenance of multiple systems was an issue.
  • They were going for huge expansion of retail outlets where again all independent software running which were disconnected with the website / FG data.


SEA Browser Based ERP


  • Seamless data which is centralized in nature.
  • Cleaned up Master’s Data. Since they were using multiple systems ,huge amount of data duplication was present which was cleaned.
  • Uniform information is flowing across.
  • Customer Response time is improved.
  • At Manufacturing level , turn around time is improved.
  • The data TO and From the website has been made seamless