RFID Initiative

RFID Initiative

RFID Basics

RFID technology enables the electronic labeling and wireless identification of objects using radio frequency communications. An RFID system has three main components:

  • Tags - also called chips, transponders; they carry data which identify animal/ item to which they’re attached.
  • Readers - communicate wireless with the tags.
  • Software application - reads/ writes data to/ from tags through the readers.

How It Works?

  • Reader sends energy to tag for power.
  • Tag sends ID data back to the reader.
  • Reader decodes and transmits to the host.


  • Real time inventory tracking with alert capability.
  • Automated inventory tracking scans many items simultaneously versus labor - intensive manual and barcode reading processes.
  • Reduces human error - no double scanning or mis-scanning of jewellery items or jewellery bags.
  • Greater information storage capabilities (in RFID tags).
  • Better security - RFID tags more difficult to remove and not subject to copying.
  • Custom designed software/ hardware to meet individual client needs