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S.E.A. is seamlessly integrated software that can be implemented in a much shorter time than conventional ERP systems and can computerize your entire operations globally.

Synergics is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for quite a few industries and for major markets.

Synergics specializes in providing Integrated Business Solutions and has experience, knowledge, and technology for maximizing business.

Synergics has leveraged their extensive experience to deliver S.E.A. - Version 4.0(Synergics Enterprise Application) Business Suite, the definitive family of business solutions for today's economy. S.E.A. Business Suite allows employees, customers, and business partners to work together successfully - anywhere, anytime. SEA Business Suite is open and flexible, supporting databases, applications, operating systems, and hardware from almost every major vendor.

By deploying the best technology, services, and development resources, Synergics has delivered a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources, improves supply chain efficiencies, and builds strong customer relationships.

Synergics understands that businesses today complete in a volatile, global, technology driven economy. Our products and services help by boosting developer productivity, minimizing the time it takes to realize business benefits and delivering applications with a lower total cost of ownership. Synergics solutions put management back in control of the business.

What's more, Synergics - based applications can evolve as the business evolves, letting IT take advantage of new technologies while leveraging existing solutions. Synergics application architecture gives our customers the tools and strategic framework to transform today's business applications into tomorrow's open, standards based applications - business applications that communicate and interoperate easily with other applications, data sources, and user interfaces.