Production Floor

This is one of the complex manufacturing process where in the raw material passes through lot of operations till it gets converted in to finished goods.

In this journey there are stages where in semi finished goods is worked upon by many workers from different departments. Hence, lot of issue and return processes are there. Every time the HOD has to assign the multiple jobs to each worker and takes the goods back from them. In this process all these transactions are to be registered in the system. To register all these transactions one by one in the system is a task itself.

RFID can play major role in this scenario. The HOD just had to select the worker to whom the jobs are to be assigned and register all the job issue details to the worker in single step by just keeping all the jewellery items on RFID tray. Similarly, the same procedure can be performed at the time of job return prcess.

The advantages of this are as:

  • Speedy process compare to barcode scanning.
  • More accurate.
  • Tracing of each and every time is easier.
  • RFID is ideal for dirty, oily, wet or harsh industrial and commercial environments.
  • RFID tags and readers have no moving parts; the system rarely needs maintenance and can operate flawlessly.