Legacy Modernization

In some scenarios it is impossible to replace legacy systems because the system works satisfactorily, still it is necessary to upgrade and enhanced it with the latest technology. The most prominent technique is to provide a Web-based interface to a terminal-based application.

We bring expertise into the modernization of the legacy systems.

In our modernization of legacy projects, our methodology is as:

  • Analysis, concepts and roadmaps.
  • Evaluate and develop the solution.
  • Proof of concept.
  • Realization and implementing the solution.
  • Knowledge transfer to the client.


Synergics works with the client to determine the best suited option for the legacy support needs.

Replace :

  • Applications or systems that are considerably outside the scope of the strategy.
  • Not addressing the business requirements properly.
  • Applications in which too much of duplicate data entry work involved.

Modernize :
We can modernize existing applications to maximize retained investment value. Our services include enhancing mainframe flexibility and sustainability, automated code transformation, and access to expert IT consultants and support. These services are offered through a phased approach consisting of planning, assessment, migration, customization, testing, data migration, and support.

Migrate :
Synergics specializes in migrating legacy systems.
Our services include a step by step approach, the maintenance or improvement of current performance, web enablement, and the improvement of the development environment. Our legacy support services also consider managed workloads, enhanced system administration and rapid change implementation.