Jewellery Stock Audit

The jewellery industry performs operations that has very high net worth.
All items involved in the supply chain right from raw materials to finished good are expensive items.

While stock audit the common hurdles faced by jewellery industry in stock audit are:

  • Stock count takes a lot of time.
  • Usually staff comes early in the office and stay in through the night.
  • In shows and exhibitions the items for customer viewing are in large numbers and they should be counted in a very small amount of time and to be brought back.
  • Detailed item count is not possible due to frequency of customer visits and time constraints.

Advantages of RFID System:

  • RFID scanning takes approx.40 seconds to detect 100 jewellery items as against a manual process which takes at least half an hour.
  • In jewellery industry the stock loss or misplacement impact is huge that can be avoided.
  • Easy counting and stock verification helps manage inventory in better way.
  • Eliminate gaps between recorded inventories and physical inventories.
  • Implement a seamless traceability solution.
  • Eliminates the need for human operations in process.
  • Greater ROI.