Suberi Brothers, LLC

Background :

Suberi Brothers, LLC is a company based out of Newyork, USA and engaged in to the business of diamond jewellery retailing to the US majors and retailers. The firm is a part of Laxmi Dia Jewels Group. It has a headquarter based out of Newyork and outsource the diamond jewellery manufacturing to different associates in India and Thailand.

Need for a Business Solution :

  • Because of different application programs, there was no integration.
  • Operating overheads were huge due to costly manpower.
  • The management was also not able to pull out the necessary report which are vital for the business.
  • The company faced some problems with currency conversion and handling and statutory provisions also.

Challenges :

  • Business need for process integration.
  • Very high overheads with 100 † people working in the organization.
  • Unavailability of the information and big problem of reconciliation.
  • Inability of the current software application to handle often changing business requirements also caused problems for the company.

Solution :

SEA - US Version

Benefits :

  • After successful implementation of the solution, the processes are optimized.
  • Since the system is integrated, it is easier to keep track of the orders, delivery schedule, payments etc.
  • User based access to the information.
  • Helpful for the management for decision making and strategy planning based on Customized Business Reports.
  • Different office locations are inter connected.
  • They are able to transfer the data across the locations and view the reports also.